Martin Pescador - Dasil
Martin Pescador

Acrylics on canvas
36x30" - 91x76 cm


A world of its own, that of the fisherman, here symbolizing the intelligence demonstrated by man often succeeding in taking advantage of what stands within his reach to ease his life.

His whole world turns around fish: his food, his architecture, his mean of transportation. Martin, master fisherman, uses kingfishers and conch for his catches, lifted by a balloon-fish that prevents him from touching and sullying the river water feeding him. In the background, at short distance, the City, second space, more social, in his life, made from the rests of his catches to recall the interdependence between his work and what he gets out of it materially.

The nacreous gondola is ornated by mermaids, underlining the mythical, the imaginative, the unreal components of the composition.

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