Reina Apis mellifera - Dasil
Reina Apis mellifera
Reina Apis mellifera

Acrylics on canvas
30x24" - 76x61cm


Inspired by the world of the honeybees, I completed this work representing the Queen, heart of the beehive.

Her crown is water drop, source of life. Her head is encircled by two workers, protecting and assisting her.

Her garment reminds us of the honey synthesis process: the top section is made of flowers, while the little bee in the central section is the source of creation for the honey coloured dress.

In her hand, an amber egg where are trapped two insects, eternal enemies of the bees, the spider and the wasp. The sceptre in her other hand is made of maple leaves and ‘fleur de lys’, while from the interior of the crystal ball fireflies light up her small world.

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