What is a Fine Art Giclée?

Word of French origin which means "squirted", a giclée is a high resolution digital print of a piece of artwork. Giclée art prints constitute a recognized fine art category, much like serigraphs and lithographs. The giclée technology is recognized as the best technique available to reproduce original paintings, used by many museums, although there are no established standards yet.

The print is made by the diffusion of fine ink droplets on an artistic medium, mainly on archival artistic papers but also on canvas. The image permanence is of course still a matter of debate, but the use of pigmented ink (and not dye-base/water-base inks as used for common image transfers on canvas) insures a long life span - in fact, the ink manufacturers talk of much more than 100 years under museum quality lighting.

Fine art giclées come often with a certificate of Authenticity issued by the artist himself or the printer, as is the case with most original artwork.

Fine art giclées are produced in limited editions, of 10 to 300 prints. Each print is numbered and the total number of prints in the series is indicted (i.e. X/50). It is the notion of limited edition that supports the distinction between Fine art prints and regular reproductions.

What Dasil David Silva offers you
The finest and most faithful giclées art prints there is, thanks to the unique technology developed by the Canadian-based Sel d'Argent, the Globalimage Art technology.

First, an outstanding digitization that allows the capture of the slightest relief present on the original: the texture associated with the technique used by the artist, is suitable, as well as the texture of the supporting medium (watercolour paper, canvas or other textured medium).

Then, a digital print at 4000 dpi, on acid-free canvas, with the best pigmented-inks available. But mostly, the meticulous labour of the printer who makes sure to reproduce with the best truthfulness the tone balances of the original artwork, and this in full cooperation with the artist.

Finally, an edition strictly limited to 50 prints. The original digital file used for the giclées production will be destroyed once the series completed. Each print is duly numbered and signed by the artist.

And all this at a most affordable price, established at 25% of the sale price of the original artwork (please, see the price list).

What Dasil David Silva guarantees you

  • That the dimensions of your giclée print will respect in their entirety the dimensions of the original printing, and thus the vision of the artist;

  • That no other reproduction on canvas will be produced, no matter the size;

  • That you will possess an art print of the best available quality, wherever you look;

  • That you will own an art print deserving of the signature of the artist, of which both you and he will be proud, and the value of which will be recognized by the connoisseurs and the collectors.

updated: May 26, 2004
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