Biographic Notes
Born in Mexico city, and resident in region of Montreal since the spring of 2002, David Silva - Dasil is a professional, self-taught, fine art artist, continuously active for almost twenty years.

In parallel with a multi-year career in commercial photography, corporate communications and television programming production, David Silva - Dasil has developed a rich pictorial work, original and very personal. Upon his recent arrival in his new adoptive country, he confirmed his firm will to devote himself totally from now on to the development of his painting.

Working as well with acrylics, oils or inks, David Silva - Dasil presents imaginative figurative paintings, responding to a mix of influences going from surrealism to classicism, fantastic, allegoric or sacred art. The fineness and the precision of the drawings are enhanced by the richness of the colors and hues, allowing the artist to share with us some of his passions, such as music, mythology, or history. The whole of his work is meant to be a celebration of life. To the more careful observer, David Silva - Dasil loves to offer fine composite and complex images, with hidden details and compositions, then revealing a secondary symbolism which remains for ever vivid.

Often accepting sponsors' requests, the works of David Silva - Dasil are found in many private collections, be it in Mexico, in the United States, in Canada, in Argentina, in France, in Spain and in Germany.


"Painting, for me, is like singing an ode to life while sketching a reflection of ourselves, of our passions, of our desires and of our spirituality.

Each work is the result of an inspiration coming from everything that surrounds me, although intertwined with my imaginary world. A person, a place, nature, music, as many motivations to create and propose my interpretation of a reality, my reality.

Even though my paintings regularly invite a close scrutiny, always will subsist a transparent partition occulting a second meaning, something beyond...

Often my images become accomplices to create a third one, seeking to confound the eye and to transcend the first appearance. Thus the original idea will be reinforced or replaced by a second concept, and the observer guided towards my world.

Colour is another fundamental element of each work, for it plays a capital role. The research, the selection and the composition of the tonalities allow me to generate atmospheres and environments, in order to attain my own emotional equilibrium."

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