Reunión de sabios - Dasil
Reunión de sabios
Reunión de sabios

Reunión de sabios (gauche)

Reunión de sabios (centre)

Reunión de sabios (droit)

Acrílics on canvas
triptych - 24x54" - 61x137 cm


This triptych presents the reunion of three wisemen, each one theorizing on the origin of the Rational Beings

On the left, one suggests the sea, the aquous element, circulating everywhere, although this wiseman already expresses serious doubts. The headdress is fish, the garment scale.

On the far right, with assurance, the wiseman hooded by the falcon (symbol, in ancient Egypt, of aerial spaces and the soul) rather proposes for our consideration: air, sky, and maybe heaven(?). His garment is made of delicate feathers.

In the center, facing us, the champion of earth - capped with a mammal, a primate from Central America - the holder of knowledge - sustaining, in his hand, technology, uncontrolled. His coat is decorated by plants, ferns.

All are placed in an open egg, symbol of hatched Life, struck by Light. Each egg is decorated by symbols associated to the element championed by the corresponding wiseman.

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