Al Unísono
Al Unísono

Acrylics on canvas
24x36" - 61x91cm


Let us be rocked in the peacefulness of the moment when music and nature appear to get into harmony, in "unison".

Various symbolic elements have been integrated into this composition:

The marble of the balustrade: Italy.

The dragons, ridden by musician angels: the two necessary components for complete musical creation - the power of the original work mastered by the fine virtuosity of the musician.

The fountain: the seizure, close-by to the musicians, be it for only a short moment, of the universal life strength (water) that surround the entire scene.

The characters lost in the rocks: all those people who are attracted by music without being able to reach it for not knowing how to or not being able to play for various reasons.

The character whose face is turned towards the sky (rocky formation on the left): the longing for the infinite inspired by music.

The human face dominating the composition: the inspiration, the harmonious source, Aristotle's Creative Reason behind this "unison".

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