Cosmología (astronomía) - Dasil
Cosmología (astronomía)

Cosmologia )astronomia)

Acrylics on canvas
48x24" - 122x61 cm

For some time I had an urge to pay tribute to all those important people and civilizations who, one day, question themselves and tried to understand what we can all contemplate on a dark night, those small flickers that are in reality large radiant bodies.

The tower is composed from its foundations up of representations of the numerous ancient civilizations, be they from Africa, Europe, Asia or the Americas, that gave astronomy a center place.

Above, some figures put in a semi-obscurity, to represent the 'dark' ages, dominated by the religions, where was crushed any theory that would move away from the divine creation. Then, some personalities, Aristotle, Copernicus, Galileo, Newton and Halley.

Finally, I touched upon the modern technological era, with robotization, electronic chips, observatory, and a character throwing his notes at the sky, notes that are in reality a short history of the advances of knowledge through the ages.

The gloomy characters that surround the bas of the tower represent ignorance (the crocodile skull), envy (the rodent skull) and denial (bird skull).

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