El encuentro - Dasil
El encuentro
(The meeting)
Reina Apis mellifera

Acrylics on canvas
36x48" - 91x122 cm (diptych)


In this diptych, two lovers, seperated simultaneously by a body of water and by the artist's artifice, wave to each other whith a quick glance. He holds in his hand the key that could open the lock to the hearth of his ladylove. She, on the other hand, offers a flowery branch. The cannot yet join by the tip of their fingers.

The fine wall adornments are made of a mix of unicorns and dragons, symbolizing the mystery surrounding Love.

At their feet, as if placed in amniotic water, one can discover a baby, the uncertain future.

The union of the left and right sides of the painting compose a human face, the ethereous Love.

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