Cazador de sueños - Dasil
Cazador de sueños
(dream hunter)

Cazador de sueños - Dasil

Acrylics on canvas
30x24" - 76x61 cm


I am often asked if I clearly remember mi dreams. Thinking about it, my “Hunter” came to life.

Mounted on his unicycle, the hunter dedicates himself totally to the nocturnal harvest of eggs sheltering sleeping human beings, who could be anyone of us. Once well in hand, he places them in an inversed cornucopia where they accumulate to be retrieved at the time of our awakening. If, unfortunately, he should drop and break an egg, we would suddenly wake up thus forgetting our dream.

The character’s hat takes the shape of an owl, associated in many traditions with magic, the other world, wisdom and foresight.

Of course, the silver-plated moon-shaped handlebars remind us of our dreamful nights.

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