A flor de piel - Dasil
A flor de piel
(skin deep)

A flor de piel

Acrylics oncanvas
48x24" - 122x61 cm


I was thinking about Spanish flamenco dancers when I got this idea: both sensitivity and strength; stiffness and fluidity; gentleness and uprightness; harmony and simplicity.  Artists from bottom to top.

The pun that serves as title of this artwork refers in fact to the state of mind that was mine during its production: sensitivity at skin level. In fact, a good description of the artists that I claim to be part of: human beings that can be overwhelmed by a little nothing, that carry around them their moods and their pathos, their affectivity and their excitement, their creativity and their sense of amazement.

Music wraps up the artist, dresses her up and owns her, gives her structure while accompanying her. But with her hand set on the instrument, the artist maintains control.

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