Libertad - Dasil

Libertad - Dasil

Acrylics on canvas
30x30" - 76x76 cm


Freedom, a magical concept, carrier of self-assertion, independence, will and determination.

The allegory starts with this woman's head covered by an eagle, powerful national symbol on almost any continent, sacred bird for many North American and Meso-American First Nations, at the origin of the mythical formation of the great Tenochtitlan. Power, worthiness, independence, autonomy – to fly = the ultimate liberty.

The clothes are inspired by architectural concepts: Man often used buildings to control the freedom of his fellow man. The sleeves, in particular, are made of numerous small prison cells, but one will notice that the ultimate row is incomplete – recovered liberty or increasing imprisonment ?

The belt is made of chains but the embroidery of the dress reveals a lock, the key to which will be given to the innocents. Freedom, who on one hand shelters the nest but on the other breaks up the translucent egg to let the fledgling escape. Liberty with her back to the water, principle of life.

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