Vendimia II - Dasil
Vendimia II
(grape harvest II)

Vendimia II - Dasil

Acrylics on canvas
30x30" - 76x76 cm


Throughout history wine has occupied a preponderant place in many cultures.

This is the reason why I thought of creating this allegory on the creation and development of life, by means of the fabrication of a complex living product, wine.

The knight's head is girded by two young men harvesting the magical fruit; his forehead is barrel; his hair reminds us of the grape vines; the shoulder pads are ornated by corkscrews and the upper part of the arms is protected by aligned bottle bottoms reminders of the regular rows in a wine cellar; two corks adorn the classical garment; the opening of the vest and the body garment unite to create a red wine glass; and in his hands, a twig of wine.

The architectural background simulates bottles through its apertures, but also of standing Men.

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