Navegación rítmica - Dasil

Acrylique sur toile
24x36" - 61x91 cm


(The Migrants)

Some of us have made the decision to emigrate towards other lands.  This work presents three migrants throughout their journey.

The first character shows his determination on the path that has to be trodden; he is however slightly separated from his companions as if he did not have any hold on them.

The second one, whose hand bears knowledge, is head-fitted with a butterfly which symbolises far-reaching migrations.  He firmly grasps his vehicle, which gives a greater impression of a motionless position.

As for the third character, his youth is held behind him while he casts his line as if he were seeking to grasp his memories, attached as he is to his past.  However he remains pulled to the forefront by his companion.

The wheels of the vehicles possess a specific meaning.  In the front of the metallic carriage, the rose card assures orientation. As for the second wheel, it reminds us of the importance of Time.

The second vehicle, made of mosaics with motifs that are Aztec as well as European, carries wheels bearing Zodiac signs symbolizing our destiny.

The wheels of the third pearly carrier are inspired by the symbols of the alchemist meaning "the beginning and the end".

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